Scavenger Hunting

Have you ever done a mathematical scavenger hunt?

If you haven't here's your chance and if you have enjoy doing another.

This weeks activity follows the same guidelines as any other scavenger hunt: find the objects listed on a piece of paper.

The difference between this and any other one though, is this is mathematical. I love this kind of activity because it's maths, it's fun, it can be done outdoors and it requires a little bit of imagination. ie. it's not always obvious and can require some thinking 'outside the box' which is great practice for any young, budding mathematician.

For those that have not heard the expression ' thinking utside the box' it means that where maths is completely literal this is not and is sometimes going to take a little bit of thinking with imagination - which is not always easy for young mathematicians.

For example one of the objects could be 'Find a double'. This tests your childs understanding of double but let's them have some fun with it. They might find two trees stood next to each other (double 1), they might find 2 plants, each with 3 flowers (double 6) etc.

So, this week, as normal, I have broken the activity down into the four age ranges and produced a list of objects for each group.
5, 6 and 7 year olds
7, 8 and 9 year olds
9, 10 and 11 year olds

Please remember these age ranges a wide so you may need to alter the sheet (create another document with it and then alter it however you like).

My advice would be to start the hunt together and discuss what was found to tick a particular item off the list. With the older children you could then give them a time limit and get them to complete the rest of the sheet on their own and then go through it afterwards. You could always invite a friend round for your child and get them to do the hunt together.

I would suggest that for the younger children you work through this together, discussing and having fun.

A final suggestion: you could bring a camera with you or send older child off with a camera and take pictures of each item and then discuss the pictures together the next day.

I envision this happening outside but if you are stuck inside on a wet day I think this could be lots of fun to do round the house.


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