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For many here in the US, this week has been the first back at school and I know next week will be the start back for most of the UK. Therefore, I am expecting that most of you are going to have some pretty tired children as they readjust their body clocks back to school hours. What you will also find is that your children will all be searching hard through their brains to recall even the simplest of maths facts as a lots of these have been 'forgotten' over the long break.

Consequently, I thought we would start the academic year with some revision of basic maths facts: those facts that we all want to know but dread the learning process of, as most of us assume learning maths facts is one of the most boring things we can do!

So, time to dig through those memories and see how many times tables you can remember. Then you and your child can work together to revise what they 'should' know and then add a few more to the memory.

If you have been following my blog you will have already read an article I wrote, back in June, on learning times tables and this week I am just going to link you straight back to this article. For those that read and did some of the activities it is the perfect time to revisit this and revise what you did so please don't worry about repeating old stuff. Maths is often all about repeating, revising and improving knowledge each time.

'Number Sequences'. This details exactly how I teach times tables or number sequences, as some people call them. It is as fun as I can make it. I feel the worst thing about learning times tables is the way they are often taught - it's boring and uninspiring. What we actually need to do is inspire these children with this basic knowledge and make them want to  learn more.

For those that want a little more fun, I read a blog post this week, written by a Mum that also finds learning times tables boring and has discovered a great way to learn them and have fun with them. Time to tune up those voices :)


Have fun!

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